Top 10 What’s Bedford Thinking Polls from 2023

January 3, 2024

What’s Bedford Thinking, The Bedford Citizen’s (mostly) weekly poll since May 2020, asks reader input on questions generally relating to world, national, state, and local current events. The results are just for fun and answers are anonymous. 

In 2023, we posted 48 What’s Bedford Thinking polls and received 7,789 responses. The distribution is not even each week – some poll questions attract more attention than others, either due to the poll subject, the timing during summer or around holidays, or more (or fewer) people reading the articles next to the poll.  

Here are the top 10 most answered What’s Bedford Thinking polls from 2023. 

10. November 3: 198 readers treated us with their answer to “Out of the top 3 choices in Massachusetts from data, what’s your favorite?” The vast majority (114) didn’t sugar coat their vote with one of the real choices and picked “Something Else,” followed by 63 readers who are nuts for Butterfingers. 

9. November 17: 230 readers answered the poll “What type of pie would you choose first for Thanksgiving?” The core of respondents chose apple (96), squashing pumpkin (74), and only left the crumbs for pecan (39), chocolate crème (15), and key lime (7). 

8. September 15: 238 folks were in the community that answered the poll “Will you attend Bedford Day 2023?” This poll allowed multiple responses. 58 respondents were not attending. Of the 180 others, there were 101 proceeding to attend the parade, 159 exhibited a vote to attend the fair, and the poll sparked an interest in 118 votes for the fireworks (which ended up rained out). 2023 marked the first Bedford Day for seven of the poll respondents. 

7. February 4: With a mild winter last year, we asked how readers felt about the lack of snow. Of the flurry of 239 votes, 41 percent of respondents were content chilling out with a mild winter while 33 percent would have been cool with a big snowstorm coming along, and 18 percent plowed ahead casting their opinion for “a little more snow.”

6. October 6: The October poll “when do you turn on your heat,” didn’t brrrr-eak the record for number of responses with 261 votes. But to some degree, it’s warming to know that 69 percent (180 voters) are empowered to turn on the heat whenever they feel cold enough. 

4 [A tie!]. November 17: When asked, “When is the right time to display holiday lights?” 265 readers illuminated us with their responses. 45 percent (118) are turned on by lights the day after Thanksgiving, dimly trailed by 36 percent (96) ready to see lights on December 1. 

4 [A tie!]. March 4: 265 Citizen readers answered the call to the question “Do you have a landline and a cell phone?” 71 percent (189) signaled they have both a landline and a cell phone.

3. September 29: Taking a shot at the top spot, but missing innocuously, a healthy 288 answered “Will you get the latest vaccines this fall?”  70 percent answered they will get both the latest COVID and flu vaccines, while 19 percent chose the opposite with neither fall vaccination. 

2. May 13: This poll sure was high up on the charts! Of the 346 respondents, 183 smoked the competition with their blunt answer: “Using marijuana openly is socially acceptable,” while 145 soberly felt the opposite.

1. November 10: We found it unbe-leaf-able that our top poll in 2023 raked in as many votes as it did. A tree-mendous 426 readers responded to the question of banning leaf blowers in town. 186 preferred to ban gas blowers, and 240 said to leaf gas blowers alone. 

Check out all of the  What’s Bedford Thinking articles and poll archives and cast your vote when new polls come out (most) Fridays! Polls can be found on the right side column of a desktop view when reading articles or scrolling to the bottom of an article on a mobile device.

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