Calendar FAQ

As The Bedford Citizen plays out its ninth year, we continue to streamline our calendar listings to assure the best coverage and community visibility for events open to the public.

What events are welcome in BeTC?
Events held in Bedford, sponsored by Bedford non-profit organizations, or out-of-town events that feature Bedford residents are welcome.

The calendar includes, but is not limited to, cultural, educational, and faith-based events that are open to the public.

Non-profit organizations may post fundraising events, including “Foodie Fundraisers” for sports teams, student clubs, parent associations and such.

Events sponsored by for-profit entities will not be posted to BeTC unless they are primarily fundraisers for local non-profit community groups or schools. Otherwise, any event submitted by a commercial organization must be free and open to the public. For businesses looking for a presence in The Bedford Citizen, we offer a sponsorship opportunity on our webpage.

Who can submit an event to the community calendar?
Anyone can submit an event to the calendar through our online form. The Community Editor ([email protected]) reserves the right to make changes to how your event is listed when necessary. Any content submitted will not be modified without prior consent from the submitting organization. In addition, any event that cannot be verified by way of a submitter’s name and/or email address may not get posted.

How long will it take for my event to be published?
Although most events are processed more quickly, please allow up to three business days for The Citizen to review and publish your event.

There are three easy but important steps to get your event or series listed:

1) Click “Submit an Event”  to add your event to BeTC (The Bedford Citizen’s Town-wide Calendar) as soon as you know the date and up to a year in advance. Please include the full text of your press release, a featured image, or even a link to a YouTube video if applicable. See Calendar Guidelines below for details.

2) To be considered for editorial coverage, please send your press release as an MS Word attachment to [email protected] – three weeks before your event to allow our editors time to schedule your publicity message.

3) Report back, after your event takes place: Crisp cellphone images from your event, a short recap, and a thank you to the community are welcome and will post in The Citizen‘s main newsfeed as space is available. Email your report to [email protected].

OOPS! How do I correct or update my event?

In the event that changes need to be made to your calendar listing, please reach out to [email protected]. We will be happy to update your post.


Calendar Listing Guidelines

1)     Make your event title short and catchy.

2)     Events with a duration of one week or less may be listed as a daily recurring event.

3)     Events with a duration of more than one week should be listed as two separate events, a “START” and an “END.” In this case, the duration should be listed in the title, i.e. School Fundraiser BEGINS. (Nov 12 – Dec 15, 2020).

4)    Whenever possible, please include a “for more information contact XXX” in the event description.

Now that you’ve done your part, what does The Citizen offer?

In addition to appearing in BeTC, all events are listed chronologically in the weekly email summary which goes to our nearly 2,000 subscribers every Sunday morning.

If you’re not already an email subscriber, click this link and get on the list.

If you are willing to contact [email protected] five business days before your event, we will make every effort to post it to Facebook (2400 followers) and Twitter (1500 followers).


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