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Our Founders
The Bedford Citizen was founded by Meredith McCulloch, Kim Siebert MacPhail, and Julie McCay Turner in June 2012. Julie McCay Turner served as from Editor 2012 – 2022.

Our Mission
The Bedford Citizen informs and engages the Bedford community through reporting news of local significance, promoting local events, fostering connectivity, and encouraging participation.

Board of Directors  – February 2023

Editorial Staff
Wayne Braverman, Managing Editor, [email protected]
Mike RosenbergCommunity Reporter, [email protected]
Jenny Stewart, Content Manager, [email protected]

BeTC ~ Bedford’s Town-wide Calendar at The Bedford Citizen
Calendar Coordinator, [email protected]

Teri Morrow ^, Executive Director, [email protected]
Karen Sobol, Operations Manager, [email protected]

 * Founder    ** Director Emerita   ^ Volunteer

Bylaws, Policies, Financials

Bylaws Updated 6-17-20

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