Dot’s Reading Room

Senior copy editor and board member emerita Dot Bergin is a unique resource for The Bedford Citizen. Not only does she cover meetings (regularly the Library Trustees and Housing Trust, along with others on an occasional basis) and edit other reporter’s work

In addition, Dot scans the Internet for interesting publications and useful information to share with The Citizen‘s board.

This page will link to those stories Dot finds interesting.

Dot’s Reading Room – The First Televised World Series Spurred America’s Television Boom,  75 Years Ago ~ October 2022

Dot’s Reading Room: Our Very Distant Cousins – the Neanderthals ~ October 2022

Dot’s Reading Room: Electric School Buses ~ 1,000 in California, 18 in Massachusetts ~ September 2022

Dot’s Reading Room ~ The Evolution of the National Rifle Association ~ May 2022

Dot’s Reading Room: A New Concern as You Start to Think About Filing Your Tax Return…. ~ February 2022

Dot’s Reading Room: Now for something on the lighter side: Fruitcake  ~ December 2021

Dot’s Reading Room: Changes Coming to US Postal Service Board of Directors ~ Why it Matters ~ December 2021

Dot’s Reading Room: Are Torrential Rains Becoming the Norm? ~ September 2021

Dot’s Reading Room: Farmers’ Markets Offer Fresh Food and Community Connections ~ August 2021

Dot’s Reading Room: US Postal Service, Part II ~ Still Sending U.S. Mail? ~ July 2021

Dot’s Reading Room: US Postal Service Update, Part 1 ~ Did You Ever Wonder … ~ July 2021

Dot’s Reading Room: ‘Hurricanes, wildfires, tornadoes, and floods’ and Bedford’s Hazard Mitigation Plan for Municpal Vulnerability Preparedness ~ June 2021

Dot’s Reading Room: Non-fungible Tokens ~ April 2021

Dot’s Reading Room: Ideological Extremists Grab Media Attention and Distort Issue Debate ~ February 2021

Dot’s Reading Room: How Age Diversity in a Presidential Cabinet could Affect Policies and Programs ~ February 2021

‘The Conversation’ a Compendium of Research Papers from Various Universities ~ January 2021

A Thought-Provoking Article from ‘The Correspondent ~ November 2020

As Local News Dies, a Pay-for-Play Network Rises in Its Place ~ October 2020

How Prior Pandemics Triggered Massive Societal Shifts ~ October 2020

If You Can’t Meet or Go To School Outdoors, Get As Much Fresh Air into Your Room as Possible! ~ August 2020

Steve Coll in The New Yorker ~ The US Postal Service and the Upcoming Election ~ July 2020

How Objectivity in Journalism has Become a Matter of Opinion ~ July 2020

Is This the Worst Year in Modern American History? ~ June 2020

Politico asks, “Why waste stimulus money on newspapers? ~ April 2020

Local Newspapers Confront an Apocalypse, from The Columbia Journalism Review ~ March 2020

Understanding ‘The Numbers’ and Covid-19, from The Correspondent ~ March 2020

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