Snowy Winter – Do you miss it?  What’s Bedford Thinking

January 27, 2023

It is the last week in January and there is a little snow on the ground. The pond behind our house is wide open with a tiny skim of ice. The last week in January?

I write this with great trepidation as I am keenly aware that to call this a snowless winter at this point is really tempting destiny. In terms of provoking the snow gods, I remember we once changed our Christmas party to a Halloween party because I was tired of keeping the walkway cleared. That October was the Halloween snowstorm, sorry!  

Everyone remembers the winter of 2015. It started like this and then started snowing for what seemed like a solid month straight.

This winter seems different, it hasn’t been dry. In fact, we have had so much rain that rivers are overflowing. It just seems warm enough to fall as rain and not snow. 

Is this climate change outside our front door? There is something about hunkering down for a big snowstorm that is nice. I could do without the shoveling.

So the question is, do you miss the snow? 

Snow – What’s Bedford Thinking?

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