Serving up Chilly for Thanksgiving

November 24, 2021

Thanksgiving is here and unlike last year when most people had dinner hiding under the table, this year promises to at least look a little more normal.  Thanks to a high percentage of vaccinated people and just general Covid-19 fatigue, this year’s gathering is on track to look normal.  However, the experts are still urging caution. The numbers in Massachusetts seem to be surging just as the holidays are upon us.

One thing the experts are pointing to as a precaution is good ventilation!  According to an expert on ABC News,

“Ventilation is also crucial. “I can’t stress it enough, especially for large family gatherings,” he said. “If there’s any possibility of opening a couple of windows by about six inches and cracking open a door, that can really go a long way toward preventing virus from building up in the indoor air. Even better if you have a fan blowing. It can reduce the risk of a superspreading event.”

But we live in New England. It’s November – It’s COLD!

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My first thought was to imagine eating Thanksgiving in the back of a convertible.  

But if that’s not practical in your house then here is some advice to ensure you’re able to vent your guests. Consider this year an open invitation to settle old scores and make those little passive-aggressive moves you’ve yearned to make for years. 

Those old scores that you have been harboring for years? Settle them once and for all!  Your uncle who drones on about…everything? Put him next to the fan and pretend you can’t hear him. Your nephew with the bad B.O? He should sit next to the open window with his own fan. No need to be subtle! Your Great Aunt who makes that casserole you can’t stand? Boom! Out the window it goes! Now you can finally put the kids’ table outside where it (and those screaming brats from Buffalo who visit every year and stay too long) belong.

And here’s another silver lining to increasing ventilation: a shortened overall duration of the Thanksgiving meal. With a stiff Northwest wind blowing through the dining room, previously torturous, leisurely gatherings can now quickly turn into a fast food event.  

So enjoy your Thanksgiving. And dress warmly.

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