Honoring Fay Russo and Remembering Fay’s Chair

Fay Russo and her grandson Matthew are sitting on the famous chair. Courtesy photo

Submitted by Amy Hamilton

What I will remember most about Fay Russo as she retires from her position as coordinator of rentals in the Town Center is Fay’s chair. I don’t mean the chair at Fay’s desk. I mean the chair beside Fay’s desk. It is the chair immediately to the left as one enters the room. It is the chair upon which countless coworkers, tenants, visitors, and friends have sat seeking advice, venting, sharing good news, sharing bad news, talking sports, talking family, talking work, and much more.  

Fay always listened and gave support, sage advice, and friendship. Her door was always open. 

Fay’s experiences with the town are many and varied. Her friends and acquaintances – the same.  

For decades, Fay learned about the different pursuits of the various tenants and she gave true meaning to “personal attention” in the support that she provided.

As Fay prepares to retire, let’s hope that she begins her novel. This can be a novel that describes decades of community events and activities as well as the fascinating people she has encountered. A novel that has the inside scoop from all that has been shared by the visitors to her chair. That would be a book worth reading. I would be first in line for a copy at her Barnes and Noble book signing.

Fay Russo recently announced her retirement after serving at the Town Center for 38 years. She was Bedford Citizen of the Year in 1986.

Amy Hamilton was one of Fay’s coworkers, a friend, and chair sitter. Amy joined the Recreation Department in 1989 and became the Recreation Director in 2003. She retired in 2022.

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Terry Gleason
April 3, 2024 3:07 pm

Friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable, Fay represents the things we treasure about a small town. As Amy pointed out, Fay also served as a role model for many who worked alongside her at Town Center and Town Hall.

Lucy Weinstein
March 31, 2024 9:24 am

Fay Russo deserves to be Citizen of the Year again! Hope the town will give her a fabulous retirement party. She has been a tireless and conscientious hard worker who has helped our group out at numerous English Country Dance events on Saturday nights in the Union School Room over the past few year. She stays until our dance ends – very late – in spite of having to show up early the next morning for other groups. At times she’s been there while recuperating from various injuries. We’ll miss her terribly. Thank you Faye!

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