Recent Bear Sightings Have Pun Police Working Overtime


By The Bedford Scallion

What, until recently, was a pretty low key position within the police department has suddenly become unbearable.   With all the recent sighting of bears in Bedford, the pun police have been barely hanging on.  Speaking for the squad, Officer Lou Tennant, said, “As soon as the first bear reports came in, the phone  started ringing.”

The squad’s mission is to investigate and report on bad jokes and puns.  The department has the authority to roll eyes and groan when they feel it’s appropriate.

It seems like it would be a fun assignment but Officer Tennant says it can be draining.  “If I hear one more joke about ‘What’s a bear without bees’  (ears, BTW), I don’t think I can bear it,” he responded. He went on to say that it hasn’t been this bad since the great Alpaca escape of ’96.

So please, as a public service, try to keep the bear jokes to a minimum.  As Officer Tennant mentioned,  this is a recurring problem, our forebearers had the same problem,  some time you just have to grin and bear it.

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