Dot’s Reading Room: Politico asks, “Why waste stimulus money on newspapers?”

Here is a strongly worded and probably controversial “take” on the use of Federal stimulus money to support print newspapers during the pandemic.

While I would in no way wish to see print newspapers disappear (I am a dedicated newspaper reader from childhood, when we still had “the funnies”) I acknowledge the reality that print is rapidly going away. The author of the Politico piece talks about the tactile joy in opening up a freshly-printed paper, a delight I experienced as a journalism student in Philadelphia many years ago.  I loved reading papers from other cities and towns; in fact, when traveling the first thing I would do in a new city was to buy the local paper. But nostalgia for the past won’t cut it today.

So where we will get our news? We could paraphrase the politicians and say, “ all news is local”. We can envision the rise of more hyperlocal news services similar to The Bedford Citizen as the trusted source of information on town affairs.  We’re seeing this play out in Bedford with the daily updates on Covid-19 posted by our town administration, news which is quickly uploaded to The Citizen. Our volunteer reporters are now attending, via Zoom, important meetings of Boards and Committees.

Who needs print newspapers now?

Click this link to read the Politico story ‘Don’t Waste Stimulus Money on Newspapers


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