Do You Remember? Name the Year – A Feature with a Bit of Nostalgia: William Dyer

April 17, 2024

It’s always fun to look back. “Do you remember?… is always a great conversation starter. Some memories are of businesses that are no longer here. Businesses, help wanted ads, and real estate ads are always a fun look-back at an earlier time.  

We thought it might be fun to make a little game of it. We show you an ad from an earlier time, targeted to Bedford residents, as it appeared in The Bedford Minuteman, The Bedford Enterprise, The Bedford Times or in surrounding towns.  

We show you the ad and give you a choice as to when it appeared. Vote for the date you think the ad appeared, and check back for the Name That Year answers.

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 We’re going Old School today with an ad from an adjacent town to Bedford. Can you guess the year when this ad appeared?  

And the answer to last time:

Do you remember The Ship’s Locker on the Great Road?

ANSWER  1975

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