Bedford Girl Scouts Shine Bright with Bronze Award Project: Welcoming Migrant Families

Submitted by Erica Hursey, Troop 67437 Parent

A heartwarming scene unfolded at the American Legion in Bedford on April 6 as nine fifth grade girls from Bedford’s Girl Scout Troop 67437 embraced the opportunity to make a significant difference in their community. Their mission: to welcome migrant families housed in the emergency shelter at the Bedford Plaza Hotel with open arms and provide them with essential support as part of their pursuit of the prestigious Girl Scout Bronze Award.

The Girl Scout Bronze Award stands as a symbol of empowerment, urging Junior Girl Scouts to step forward as leaders and change-makers within their communities. For Troop 67437, this award represented not just an achievement, but a chance to make a meaningful impact on the lives of migrant families residing in Bedford. 

As described by co-leader Niki Hastings, “The troop was passionate about supporting and welcoming migrant families from the onset of project planning and carried that through the entire process. We’re so proud of their dedication to making a truly impactful event that honored and respected the culture of families.”

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With enthusiasm and determination, the troop set their sights on hosting a special event for the migrant families, aiming to provide them with not only food and toys for the children, but also a sense of belonging and support. 

The girls had to expedite the project after getting word that the migrant families would be moving out of Bedford. Understanding the importance of cultural sensitivity, the girls worked diligently to ensure that the food they offered was not only shelf-stable, but also culturally appropriate for the families they were serving. 

Members of Girl Scout Troop 67437 get ready to welcome migrant families to their event. Photo
by Erica Hursey

When asked about why she wanted to hold this event for their Bronze Award project, Girl Scout Pavitra said that “it was a challenge to do it in a short period of time and we wanted to help people out.”

To make their vision a reality, the scouts engaged with various stakeholders in the community, including ESL teachers at Job Lane School, the Bedford Board of Health, and other individuals actively involved in supporting migrant families. Drawing upon their networking skills, the troop sought donations from local residents and businesses and utilized their earnings from cookie sales to purchase much of the food, showcasing their resourcefulness and commitment to their cause.

In addition to providing tangible support, the girls recognized the value of empowering migrant families with information that could enhance their safety and well-being. They created “safety cards” that includes information about Massachusetts, first aid and safety protocols, such as guidelines on when to call 911. They translated the information into three languages: Spanish, Portuguese and Haitian Creole.

The event held at the American Legion was not just a testament to the girls’ dedication, but also a celebration of unity and compassion within the community. As they welcomed the migrant families with smiles and kindness, the girls embodied the essence of leadership and service that defines the Girl Scout spirit. They proudly assembled and provided 100 bags of food and countless toys to the families. 

Migrant families receive the food and toys collected by members of Girl Scout Troop 67437.
Photo by Erica Hursey

The event definitely left an impression on the girls:

  • “I enjoyed seeing the people smile after we gave them the food and toys.” – Alexis
  • “It was really fun to see everyone so happy.” – Jazzy
  • “My favorite part was moving the food bags to the table (after someone took one).” –  Corrine
  • “My favorite part was seeing happy and joyous faces of the little kids and it was a very wholesome and heartwarming experience that is etched in my memory forever.” – Pavitra

Through their Bronze Award project, Troop 67437 demonstrated the transformative power of empathy, teamwork, and initiative. By reaching out to the migrant families in Bedford and offering them support and solidarity, these young girls exemplified the true essence of leadership and community service.

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Tiffany Yano
April 19, 2024 10:43 pm

Well done Scouts!! I hope the troop learned a lot from the experience!! Wonderful choice of projects!

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