Letter to the Editor: Support for Dan Brosgol for Select Board

Submitted by Matt Daniel

My family moved to Bedford 17 years ago in large part – as I imagine is true for many Bedford transplants – to raise our family in a close, caring community where we would know our neighbors and be able to have real say in local affairs. Six years later, I was fortunate to be introduced to Dan Brosgol as a co-coach of one of the youth sports teams in town.   Little did I realize that first encounter (and friendship that would follow) would permit me a front-row seat these past 11 years to closely observe someone who daily puts into action these exact objectives of actively knowing your neighbors and working to have a positive influence on your community.

Other Bedford residents have already written Letters to the Editor comprehensively touting Dan’s sterling credentials.  To avoid redundantly going over many of the same points, I urge anyone who hasn’t read those letters to go back through the Bedford Citizen’s archives to become informed about Dan’s substantial contributions to the town in such diverse areas of civic service, community service, and youth and adult sports, to name just a few.  Quite simply, it would be hard to identify anyone in town more continually immersed and ingrained into the fabric of Bedford than Dan.

Rather, I would like to focus on the elements of Dan’s character that make him ideally suited for this seat.

While Dan brings the requite experience to serve on the Select Board, more importantly he possesses the appropriate perspective, demeanor, and independence we need from our representatives.   Over many conversations (and occasional friendly debates) throughout the years, Dan has consistently proven to be a broad and open thinker, not boxed into any political ideology, willing to listen and engage opposing views.  Serving Bedford in positions where he has been forced to make careful and non-impulsive decisions among competing and passionate constituencies, Dan has demonstrated the too-rare ability of being able to disagree without being disagreeable as he strives for the optimal and most fair result for Bedford and its citizens. But perhaps his most valuable characteristic for Select Board service is his ever-present sense of humor and refusal to take himself too seriously.

Please come out and vote for Dan on March 9.

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