MCC Highlights Student Accomplishments with Portfolio Showcase

January 11, 2024

Submitted by Middlesex Community College

The Middlesex Community College’s Communication, Art & Design department hosted a student Portfolio Showcase on Tuesday in Bedford.

“Allowing a space for students to present the work that they spend countless hours on is extremely important,” said Henry Pestana, an MCC Graphic Design student. “We’re all proud of each project and piece that we’ve created, and being able to share that work with others feels very gratifying.”

Wrapping up his time at the college, Pestana is thankful for the support he has received at MCC. By helping him develop his skills and creativity, MCC’s program is allowing him to pursue a career for which he feels passionate. While students complete many of the same assignments, Pestana is also appreciative that students are encouraged to create designs in their own style.

Having previously graduated from a four-year school, MCC Graphic Design student Meaghan Cavanagh has also benefitted from the support of professors and classmates in MCC’s smaller class sizes. In addition to the showcase celebrating the hard work she and her classmates completed in their classes, the experience offered opportunities for practice networking and sharing her designs.

Courtesy Photo MCC

“It’s important for artists and designers to show off and talk about their work, especially before interviewing with a potential employer,” Cavanagh said. “I want to use this experience as an exercise in getting comfortable speaking to others about the work I’ve done.”

Thomas Nicol is an MCC Visual Design student and peer-tutor. Excited to showcase his best work, he offered a collection of projects he has created since starting at Middlesex in 2021. In the program, he has enjoyed having the chance to collaborate with other students and professors rather than just go to class without meeting outside of the classroom. 

“Events like the Portfolio Showcase are important because they help build a sense of connection at the college,” Nicol said. “I love the creative projects we work on and how the professors, students and tutors all give feedback to make each other’s designs better and better each week.”

Graphic Design student Isabella Angelucci talked about the details of the works that make up her portfolio, including inspiration, concept, color and typography. Calling her experience at MCC “very enjoyable and rewarding,” she was glad to have the opportunity to present her work from projects at MCC, her internship and personal pieces.

“There are many pros to showcase events, but three that stand out to me are the feelings of accomplishment and validation of having work being appreciated and enjoyed by others, the ability to be an inspiration for newer designers, and the ability to have opportunities open up,” Angelucci said. “Being able to take a moment to relax and celebrate our accomplishments together is something that will be a core memory in my mind.”

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