Letter to the Editor: Sign Vandalized at Depot Park

Submitted by Joe Piantedosi, Chair Depot Park Advisory Committee 

I would like to bring attention to a historic interpretive sign and stand that was stolen and vandalized at Depot Park along the bikeway near the rail car recently. The funding for this historic sign was donated to the Friends of Depot Park by the Frank W. Thompson Lodge. This interpretive sign was at the site of a historic water column that was used to replenish steam locomotive tenders. This sign was also adjacent to a switch stand used to manually move the points of track switches. The thief cut the sign from the custom stand we had made also destroying it. 

We encourage anyone who may have seen any suspicious activity to contact the Bedford Police Department. We also ask all residents to help us by reporting any suspicious activity to the Bedford Police when you are at Depot Park.

Editor’s note: The opinion editors are including these photos as a courtesy.

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Joseph R Piantedosi
January 17, 2024 12:27 pm

The mystery of the missing sign is solved. I saw a comment from someone who said they saw a tree fall on it. I contacted DPW who confirmed that a tree did indeed fall on the sign damaging the frame. They told me they retrieved the sign which is in good shape so all we need to do is replace the frame. Its so nice to know that it was not stolen. Thanks to everyone who commented

January 13, 2024 2:26 pm

I cannot understand why someone would do this – it cannot have any significant monetary value and the sign was such a great description for anyone interested in well presented and accurate railroad information – so sad. Thank you for all the hard work by those noted who developed and installed the sign for all the rest of us to enjoy. Please know most of us appreciate all your efforts to make Depot Park a continually evolving town asset for all of our enjoyment. Hopefully we can determine who committed this act of wanton destruction and that it remains a rare occurrence.

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