Letter to the Editor: Don’t Leave Bagged Poop On the Trail!

Submitted by Ben Littauer

My turn for a dog poop rant: don’t leave bagged poop on the trail, please!

We walked a couple of miles through the woods and on the narrow-gauge bike path behind the VA and picked up SEVEN bags of poop that folks had left along the way. That’s not including the one we had for our own dog.

The Bedford DPW tells us it’s not good to leave dog poops in the woods, so we’re supposed to pick them up, and we do. But it’s MUCH WORSE to leave the bagged poop in the woods, folks. Get a clue, please!

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Thomas Kenny
December 31, 2023 1:08 pm

Thanks for your letter. Myself, I will not pick up other peoples poop bags as it seems to be a never ending chore everywhere you walk or ride lately. I imagine the same inconsiderate people who leave their pets waste along trails, sidewalks, parks and trailheads would be aghast if the beautiful, peaceful trails they chose to have a pleasant walk with their pups were littered with bottles,cans, snack wrappers, tissues, cigarette butts, mask and other human trash everywhere they go.Or are these the same folks who keep their cars litter free by using their windows as disposal methods along our streets? Rarely a day goes by that I don’t pick up trash in front of my property or along a trail, but I do draw the line at biological waste like poop, mask or disposable gloves.I am glad this is being talked about.We are the stewards of the land e enjoy so much.

Jayne Goodridge
December 29, 2023 8:52 am

Thank you. Dog poop is also being left on the Davis School playground. The field our k-2 students play soccer on during recess and it is not even bagged and always in the same spot! Come on folks!

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