Mothers Out Front Second Annual Pumpkin Smash

November 17, 2023

By Rebecca Pomerantz

The most impactful climate action an individual household can take is to reduce the food waste they put into the trash stream (according to Project Drawdown,  

Since the Mothers Out Front’s mission is to mobilize for a livable climate for all children, the group held its second annual Pumpkin Smash on Saturday, Nov. 8 at the John Glenn Middle School. The purpose was to spread the word about diverting food waste to compost, a step that everyone can take in his or her own way to help slow climate change.

This event was a smashing success. Thirty-three families participated with people of all ages having fun pounding their jack o’ lanterns and pumpkins. The group diverted 1,264 pounds of pumpkin away from the waste stream to compost – that’s more than half a ton of food matter that will NOT produce methane or be incinerated. 

Everyone can divert their food waste by:

  • Composting in your backyard. DPW has compost bins for $45. You don’t really have to pay attention to what you put in it (but no meat products), although it will compost faster if you layer it with leaves.
  • Signing up to drop off food waste (including fish/meat/bones) for free at the108 Carlisle Road Compost Center in the special Black Earth green food waste bins during open hours on Wednesdays or Saturdays (while you’re dropping off your black plastic, rigid plastic, textiles, scrap metal, corrugated cardboard, and glass).
  • Subscribing to a curbside composting pickup service (they do take meat products). The subscription includes a bag of finished compost every spring.
Among the people helping with the Pumpkin Smash event were, back row, Taelor Nichols, Joan Straumanis, Lisa Bayen, Lucy Weinstein, Parvathi Susarla, Renu Bostwick, Karen Willson, Corinne Doud, Katie Brewer. In front are Erin McCormack and Marge Heckman. Photo by Parvathi Susaria
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