Letter to the Editor: Setting Priorities for Charitable Giving

Submitted by Ginni Spencer (Spencer  is on the Board of The Bedford Citizen)

This time of year every mail delivery brings in a slew of requests for donations. I find that daunting because with few exceptions each organization is doing important work for causes I believe in…and yet, I cannot donate to all of them. In order to make meaningful choices I had to develop a list of criteria about how I want to allocate the dollars I have to donate.

Here’s my top three: Impact – will my donation extend the reach of the organization in a meaningful way? Mission – does the organizational mission align closely with the values I hold most dear? Track record: has this organization consistently delivered on its mission and continually improved and upgraded its services?

 I find that The Bedford Citizen checks all these boxes. I know it to be a lean, well-managed publication that every dollar to the fullest. Each additional dollar I give will be thoughtfully used to enhance coverage. It is dedicated to informing readers and encouraging citizen participation in local decision making, shining a spotlight on the individuals and events that bring us together in celebration (and sorrow), and reminding us always of the importance of community. And finally, I see how hard the staff and many volunteers work to constantly review and improve its offerings. Do they always get it right? No…but there are many ways I can provide feedback with my ideas and opinions. And to boot, The Citizen is not a faceless entity – as a hyperlocal newspaper, it is staffed and operated by people I know and see about town.

 I am proud to be a loyal donor to The Bedford Citizen. I encourage all readers to carefully consider its importance to our town and give as generously as they can to ensure that we sustain local news reporting.

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The opinions expressed in Letters to the Editor are those of the writer, not The Bedford Citizen.

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Joseph Damery
December 3, 2023 11:47 am

Good. idea I need the right address for a $50 dollar check. THANK You…

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