Public Notification: Phase #6 Dye Testing and Dye Flooding

September 25, 2023

Public Notification by the Town of Bedford Department of Public Works

On behalf of the Town of Bedford Department of Public Works, Weston & Sampson Engineers and Inland Waters, LLC will be conducting dyed water flooding and dyed water testing on portions of the storm drain system from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday, between Oct. 2 and Oct. 13.  

The purpose of the testing is to confirm suspect illicit stormwater connections to the sanitary sewer system, identified during the Phase 6 Smoke Testing Project. Future removal of confirmed illicit connections will reduce the likelihood of surcharging of the sewer system during storm events and will reduce MWRA flow related charges.

Dyed Water Flooding is performed in the storm drain system in locations where potential cross connections between the storm drain and sewer system were identified during smoke testing. These potential defects will be included in a future sewer rehabilitation project to eliminate the cross connection. 

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Dyed Water Testing is performed on suspect inflow sources on private property, identified during smoke testing. Suspect inflow sources include driveway drains, yard drains, roof leader drains, and open sewer cleanouts. The Town of Bedford will notify residents if a positive inflow source is identified on their property.

 Any questions should be directed to Weston & Sampson at 781-909-4033.  Leave a message including your name, address, and telephone number and your call will be promptly returned.

Work is anticipated to occur on portions of the following streets: Dunster Road, Sunset Road, Davis Road, Garrison Drive, Independence Road, Patriot Circle, Evergreen Avenue, Patriot Park, Willow Lane, South Road, Concord Road and Bay Circle.

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