Letter to the Editor: “Last Chance” to Change Carlisle Road Development

Submitted by William T. Barnett

We need your help now. The residents of Bedford who will be adversely affected by the Carlisle Road Project, almost all of us, need to call the Zoning Board and let them know how you feel. This is the last chance to change this oversized project. 

The 2019 Housing Report the developer is using to justify this dense project says that Bedford is second only to Burlington in affordable housing. We do not need this dense development in Bedford. This is not a clean site. The contaminated soil from the old gas station was dumped here in a residential area. Who will be watching what these developers do with this contaminated property?  

The rainwater runoff from all these hard surfaces will cause more flooding. We do not need this here. In my opinion, it is obvious this is being done to make maximum profit under the guise of a LIP 40B development. 

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Eliminate the two four-story apartment towers and all 10 row houses down Carlisle Road. 

At the town forum on Feb. 14, the obvious overreach of this development was made clear.

Please view it for yourself. No one left that room thinking this was a good idea including Devellis, the developer. 

Even though the developer did not accomplish the required abutter notifications, the select Board of Mrs. Mitchell, Mrs. Fleischman, and Mr. Hanegan passed this plan with a series of recommendations. 

One recommendation is to eliminate the 51-unit, four-story tower. The developer simply moved it to a different site down the street. The Zoning Board can overrule this. 

Another recommendation is to make this tower a senior deed. The Zoning Board can overrule this also. Even if it is senior deed only, how permanent is this as a similar project off Concord Road was allowed to bypass a senior deed and sell to the open market? 

Another recommendation here is for more traffic lights at Willson Park and at Northside Gas Station. Would that make six stoplights from the center of town to Northside Gas Station? Are you kidding me?

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The opinions expressed in Letters to the Editor are those of the writer, not The Bedford Citizen.

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