Letter to the Editor: The Value of Trees

Submitted by Bobbi Tornheim  

What is an easy way for homeowners to realize anywhere from 4 to 17 percent in proceeds when selling their home? 

According to several sources, having well placed, mature trees in a well landscaped lawn is the answer. In Bedford, according to MLS (Multiple Listing Service) statistics, over the last six months, the average home sold for $1,042,000, prices ranging between $534,000 and $1,650,000.

Do the math – using the average figures from the MLS and a percent return of, say, even 8 percent, the home with the attractively landscaped mature trees will likely command an extra $80,000 or more than a treeless, poorly landscaped home!  (Figures vary, – lower valued homes in other parts of the country gain less of a percentage, higher valued homes gain more.)

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Sound unbelievable? Mosey around town and look at some of your favorite neighborhoods. I bet you too are attracted to those homes framed by beautiful trees, and with tree-lined streets as well.  But, how do treeless streets and treeless landscaped homes look to you? Consider that as you do your spring clean-up, picking up sticks and raking leaves from those financially fabulous trees. 

So, in the interest of maintaining your home’s value, you will want to be sure that your mature trees are kept happy and healthy. And, if you have the space, planting even more, well-chosen trees will very likely provide a nice payback when you are ready to sell. 



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