Bedford Health Notice on Increased Cases of Respiratory Viruses

December 16, 2022

~Submitted by the Bedford Health Department

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), nationally there is an increase in the levels of respiratory viruses including respiratory syncytial virus (RSV), Influenza (flu), and Covid-19. The Bedford Health Department continues to embrace a multifaceted approach to mitigate the spread of all respiratory viruses, as supported by the CDC and the Massachusetts Department of Public Health. 

This holiday season, prevent the spread of respiratory illness and protect your family and friends, by continuing with the following preventative measures:

  1. Vaccination – Receive a vaccine and/or Covid-19 booster as soon as you are eligible. Vaccinations for Covid-19 and flu are available, safe, and effective. Contact your medical provider for additional respiratory illness vaccination options.
  2. Testing – Testing options are available to confirm respiratory illness. At home test kits are available for Covid-19, and routine testing can help identify positive cases who may not have symptoms. Contact your medical provider for flu or RSV testing options.
  3. Mask Use – Wearing a well-fitting face mask can help protect you and others from illness, especially if you or close contacts are at an increased risk for getting very sick. People may choose to mask at any time such as in large indoor gatherings.
  4. Distance – Maintain physical distance and gather outdoors when possible.
  5. Ventilation – Increase ventilation and air flow.
  6. Handwash – Wash hands correctly and often, or use hand sanitizer when handwashing is not possible.
  7. Stay Home – Stay home when you are feeling ill to avoid spreading illness. Remember to get tested if you are feeling ill.
  8. Clean & Disinfect- Routinely clean and disinfect common touch surfaces.

As a reminder, the Town of Bedford offers free Covid-19 rapid antigen test kits for Bedford residents in four locations throughout Town buildings.

For additional information, please visit: 

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