Videos to Introduce Each of the Articles on the Warrant for Bedford’s 2022 Annual Town Meeting

March 22, 2022


As it has in years past, the Town has prepared videos to introduce each of the Articles on the Warrant for  Bedford’s 2022 Annual Town Meeting, with the exception of Article 14, the Supplemental Operating Budget for Fiscal Year 2022 and Articles of the 2021 Annual Town Meeting.

Article 1 Reports of Town Officers and Committees
Article 2 Debate Rules
Article 3 Consent Article
Article 4 Bills of Prior Year
Article 5 Revolving Funds Expenditure Limits
Article 6 Community Preservation Budget – Fiscal Year 2023
Article 7 Proposed Fiscal Year 2023 Capital Projects Plan
Articles 8 and 9 Land Acquisition for Fire Station – 139 The Great Road and Fire Station Design and Project Management – 139 The Great Road
Article 10 Bond Authorization – Inflow/Infiltration
Article 11 Minuteman Bikeway Extension
Article 12 Land Acquisition – 33 Shawsheen Road
Article 13 PEG Access and Cable Expense Related Budget – Fiscal Year 2023
Article 14 Supplement Operating Budget for Fiscal Year 2022 and Articles of the 2021 Annual Town Meeting
Article 15 Salary Administration Plan Bylaw Amendment – Classification & Wage Schedule
Article 16 General Bylaw Amendment – Article 58 – Salary Administration Plan Bylaw
Articlea 17 and 18 Operating Budgets – Fiscal Year 2023 and the Ambulance Enterprise Budget – Fiscal Year 2023
Article 19 Salary Plan Additional Funding
Article 20 Appropriate Funds for Collective Bargaining Agreement – FY2022–FY2024
Article 21 Supplement Accrued Leave Fund
Article 22 Stabilization Fund
Article 23 Other Post-Employment Benefits Liability Trust Fund Appropriation
Article 24 Appropriate Funds for Transportation Infrastructure Fund
Article 25 300th Anniversary Stabilization Fund Appropriation
Article 26 Free Cash


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