Annual Town Meeting 2022 ~ Letters to the Editor and Comments Posted to The Bedford Citizen

After (and before) the two packed nights of Annual Town Meeting 2022, several readers—seeking to share their comments on the proceedings— submitted Letters to the Editor. Other writers added comments on The Citizen’s website.

In an effort to support dialogue about these important topics discussed during the meeting, links to the letters and a list of the comment writers are posted below.

Submitted After Annual Town Meeting 2022
Provide Equal Access to the Bikeway
Letter to the Editor by John Mitchell on April 6
Comments from Catherine Van Praagh, and Leah Devereaux

Comments on Annual Town Meeting
Letter to the Editor by William Knox on April 5
Comments by Ted T. Martin, Patty Carluccio, Shaun Kennery, Ben Krosner, Joseph Piantedosi, and Alison O’Connell

Is Town Meeting Truly Democratic?
Letter to the Editor by Curt Dudley Marling on March 29
Comments by Heather Thacore, Patty Carluccio, and Mark Cieplinski

Submitted Prior to Annual Town Meeting 2022
Should Bedford Uphold its Commitments
Letter to the Editor by Erin Sandler-Rathe on March 26
Comment  by Richard Kaiser

How Big is a Fire Station
Letter to the Editor by Don Corey on March 25
Comments by Margaret Donovan, and Nancy Wolk

In Support of the Minuteman Bikeway Extension
Letter to the Editor by Mark Bailey and 48 others on March 25
Comment by Gail Hoben

Finding Pleasure in Biking on a Natural Path
Letter to the Editor by Mario Mendes on March 24
Comments by Julia Whiteneck (2)

An Unpaved Trail is Healthier for Runners
Letter to the Editor by Robin Steele on March 23
Comments by Daria, and Pete

Leave the Reformatory Branch Trail Natural
Letter to the Editor by Julie Brill on March 23
Comments by Julia Whiteneck, Dan Carroll, and Laura Wallace

Editor’s Note: Other comments may be on social media, but we are posting only those sent to The Citizen.

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