Letter to the Editor: Support for Locating Bedford’s New Fire Station at 139 The Great Road

~ Submitted by Adam Schwartz

I support the location of a new fire station at 139 The Great Road. While I support the town working closely with neighbors in order to mitigate any impacts of the new location, I am really looking forward to having the Historic District Commission work collaboratively with the town on the design to help give it that unique Bedford flavor.

Although some people have expressed an opinion that a new fire station in the historic district would be an eyesore or a monstrosity, I have a different opinion.

I would take pride, and be proud that our town is providing our firefighters and paramedics with the home they have sorely needed and deserve. The mission of the historic district commission is to promote the general welfare of the public and to preserve and protect buildings, places and districts of historic significance. A new fire station helps that mission.

There are two things to note about our historic district; first that it’s not limited to buildings built in a specific period of time. What’s not historic today, may be tomorrow. Second, the actual boundaries of the historic district can be adjusted by a two-thirds vote at a future town meeting.

Yes, the location at 139 The Great Road is not perfect. But nothing is. The alternative is to spend millions more dollars and force our emergency first responders to wait years more. When help is needed, Bedford’s first responders have always been there, making sacrifices to ensure our safety. It’s now our turn to help them by supporting a new fire station at 139 The Great Road.

Please join me at Town Meeting on, Monday, March 28, and show your support for Bedford’s first responders.

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Karl Winkler
March 22, 2022 5:45 am

Thank you Adam, you have captured perfectly my feelings as well. And YES I am a member of the HDC and am willing to find solutions to knit this fabric of the HDC as best way possible. I support 139 location and do this in a cost effective and timely fashion that will also reduce the impact for the abbutter berm, planing fencing and lowering grade if possible as I stated in the last meeting. This is the public good and safety.

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