Omicron is here – How worried are you?  What’s Bedford Thinking?

In case you haven’t heard, a new variant of the Covid-19 virus has emerged from South Africa.  A few days ago it was detected in the United States and yesterday it was found to be here in Middlesex County.  

President Biden has said it is “cause for concern, but not cause for panic.”  There is no doubt that omicron is dominating the media, but they continue to say they need to learn more before we panic.  

So What’s Bedford Thinking—How concerned are you about the Omicron variant?

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Alan MacRobert
December 6, 2021 10:16 pm

“Very concerned” not so much for myself (vaxxed and careful), but because this damn thing ain’t over yet — variants breed more variants. Evolution happens, and the more trillions of copies of the virus are alive worldwide, the sooner another fluky, one-in-a-trillion bad-luck mutation is gonna happen, and off we go again with an even better-adapted version of the virus becoming dominant.

And people wonder what’s the harm in not teaching how evolution works.