Sometimes things just work out; it’s nice when crises work together


We have smoke from a distant fire making the air dangerous to breathe.  We also have a surge in Covid cases, not terrible yet, but certainly concerning.  The way to combat both threats is to stay inside, don’t go out! 

Luckily, the mosquitoes have taken it upon themselves to keep everyone safely inside. Thanks to the drought (remember that) busting July, the mosquitoes have moved to the top of the food chain.  There have been unconfirmed reports of mosquitoes carrying off small animals.  Some places in Bedford are so thick with mosquitoes you can barely see the smoke from the western fires.  Luckily, (queue the thunderclap) the mosquitoes have not become a major health risk themselves…yet.   

At least we have the Olympics to watch….no seriously.

Editor’s Note: The Scallion is a lighthearted attempt to poke gentle fun at ourselves.  It’s satire and not to be taken too seriously.

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