Letter to the Editor: Supporting Alison O’Connell for Board of Health

March 10, 2021

Submitted by Marisa Marquez

With a friendship spanning over two decades, I have had the honor of witnessing Alison O’Connell go from studious student, career-driven Bostonian, loving wife, exceptional mother, and now a candidate for the Board of Health. While there have been many moments I have marveled at Alison’s relentless commitment to excellence with kindness, never has that been more true than the past year during the pandemic.

While most people spent the past year focused on getting through their own day-to-day under extraordinary circumstances, Alison had to compile, analyze and report the real-time effects of COVID-19. She handled this relentless and difficult task with a sense of duty. She understood her efforts were going towards solving the bigger picture of getting us through this pandemic. While her efforts were working towards solving this global problem, while teaching her son Colm from home, she also looked for a way to improve his quality of life.

During her first week in Bedford, relishing in her new home and experiencing the true sense of community, she simply said, “We can give this life to Colm.” And she continues to look to give. Running for the Board of Health is an extension of wanting to make Bedford a better place for not only her son to live in, but the children he plays with, and  the community he will grow up in.

I first met Alison as a California girl attending college in Connecticut. The trip home for Thanksgiving was too expensive to make and after only knowing me just a few months, Alison invited me to Massachusetts to spend the holiday with her family. My first holiday away from home, she saw a person in need and wanted to make sure I was taken care of. That is who Alison is. A person who cares. A person who goes above and beyond.

On March 13th, vote for a neighbor who has spent a lifetime finding ways to take care of others. Vote Alison O’Connell for the Board of Health, she will go above and beyond for Bedford.

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