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This weeks poll is on the Super Bowl LV   – What’s Bedford Thinking

Taking a break from the serious news, we turn our attention to football.  Whenever hometown sports heroes leave town it’s never clear how the hometown reacts.  When Johnny Damon left the Red Sox you were honestly a little concerned about his safety when he was back in town.

The Boston sports teams have lost three “faces of the franchise”  this year.  With Mookie Betts, Zdeno Chara, and Tom Brady all leaving town many sport fans were left adrift.   

Mookie Betts won a World Series with the Dodgers, and Tom Brady is going to the Super Bowl with the southern Buccaneers.  The question is, are you rooting for Tom Brady and Bucs or are you rooting against him?

What’s Bedford Thinking?

Take The Poll – Jan 30, 2021 



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