Post-Holiday Trash and Recycling ~ What Can and Cannot be Recycled

December 26, 2020

There will be regular trash and recycling pick-up on Monday, December 28

Residents will find answers to their holiday recycling questions on the Recycle Smart app, there will be a town-wide natural tree collection in early January, and there are multiple places to dispose of flattened cardboard boxes.

The Recycle Smart App Answers Your Questions

Using the Recycle Smart app on the DPW’s website (, here we go:

  • Wrapping Paper: No.
  • Christmas Lights: No.
  • Tinsel or anything with glitter: No.
  • Tree stands: No.
  • Greeting Cards: Greeting cards and envelopes with NO metallic inks, foil, wire, or glitter can be placed in the recycling cart. All other greeting cards and envelopes should go in the trash.
  • Catalogs: Yes.
  • Holiday Decorations (e.g. Ornaments): If you can’t find a place that will reuse or repurpose them, put them in the trash.
  • Artificial Christmas Trees: If you can’t find a place that will reuse or repurpose them, put them in the trash.

If the item in question isn’t on this list, use the Recycle That app to find out what you should do with it.

Christmas Trees

Curbside collection of natural  Christmas trees starts January 11. 


There are multiple options, including your blue recycling cart, for disposing of flattened cardboard boxes

Dumpsters behind the DPW and the Library

The DPW has arranged to have a Republic Services truck parked in the parking lot behind the Police Station from 9 am to 1 pm.

Residents can bring flattened cardboard boxes and place them right in the truck. Don’t forget to wear a mask when you get out of your car.


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