Fawn Lake Weekly Update ~ August 28, 2020


“Sheet Piles’ that will be used to reconstruct the Fawn Lake dam.

The Dredgit crew continued to dredge and haul all week, removing an additional 800 cubic yards of lake sediments for a total of 1650 yards, approximately 20% of the total amount to be cleared under the contract.  This material is being sent to the Lexington facility for reuse in their compost operations.  The dredge barge is still working in the easterly portion of the lake, having finished the Q – Q cross-section and has moved to the P – P cross-section (see construction drawings, sheet C-6), which is about 35% dredged as of this report.

The weed harvester has now removed 240 cubic yards of floating aquatic vegetation.  The machine was out of commission late in the week due to a mechanical issue, and is now expected to finish by September 4th.  As noted in the project plan, the southwestern portion of the lake is not being cleared. This will maintain the current habitat for species that exist in this type of resource area.

The first load of sheet piles was delivered to the dam at the southeast end of the Lake. These 4’ by 10’ panels will be driven through the existing embankment down to bedrock to become the new structural dam.  We anticipate this phase of the dam rehabilitation to be complete by mid-September.  (The Fawn Lake beavers continue to do their work at the dam, trying to block the outlet pipe with any material they can access.)

As previously noted, the trails on the northeast side of the lake between the dewatering operation and the dam are currently closed.  Although the trails at the dam will remain closed for another month, we expect to have the trail along the northeast section reopen by September 16th for the start of school.  Please use caution walking around the worksite at the end of Sweetwater Avenue.

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