Town Manager Sarah Stanton Announces Town Hall Staff Changes, New Hires

Town Manager Sarah Stanton announced a reorganization of her office in her report to the Selectmen on September 23, acknowledging that the workload requires more staff to keep the town running smoothly.

“There’s a lot going on in Bedford,” Stanton said. “There are a lot of capital projects, a lot of money being spent, a lot of committee work, a lot of interaction and we don’t always do the best job of getting the information out there,” she said.  She has spent the past year evaluating the work of her office, and her response is to create two Assistant Town Manager positions:

  • Amy Fidalgo, currently Special Assistant to the Town Manager, will become Assistant Town Manager for Operations.  She will work closely with departments such as Facilities. In fact, as Stanton said, you can already see Fidalgo observing traffic at the Old Billerica/Route 62 road intersection, just one example of her on-site work assignments.
  • Colleen Doyle, who has been a town employee for more than seven years and is currently Human Resources Director, will be Assistant Town Manager for Human Resources and Administration. With her long experience in town affairs, Doyle is now becoming more engaged in labor negotiations on behalf of the town, Stanton said, as befits her background in human resources.

Stanton has initiated a job search for a Special Assistant to the Town Manager, to replace Fidalgo. Click this link to read the job description.  The person who fills this position will be involved in committee work and will handle public information.  As Stanton explained, she needs to attend many of Bedford’s volunteer committee meetings, sometimes as many as four or five of an evening.

One more new hire is an Executive Administrative Assistant.  Bedford resident Rebecca Mantz is expected to begin work on September 30.

Selectman Bill Moonan asked about the budget impact of these changes.  Stanton replied, “they are cost-neutral; we are not adding to the FTE (full-time equivalent) account.”

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