Successful Bedford Police Department Open House Series Continues in September and October

The Bedford Police invites all members of the Bedford Community to attend the last two sessions of its Open House Series. Please join us and take the dual opportunity to meet your local Police Officers, and for them to meet you on September 25 and October 30.

September 25 ~“Domestic Violence, Police and the Law partnered with a solution by Domestic Violence Services Network.” We are happy to have our guest speaker, Jacquelin Apsler, M.Ed., MBA, Executive Director of the Domestic Violence Services Network, Inc. (DVSN-DVVAP), to discuss our partnership and how we can affect our community.

October 30 ~ Citations; “The reason and success of Bedford Police Enforcement.” Our goal is to have a candid conversation on our traffic issues in our community as well as the reasons behind stopping motorists, issuing warnings and citations to make Bedford a safer community.

Following the October 30 presentation, Officer French will have a brief answer and question period on “Reality-Based Policing.” Officer French will speak on the experience Policing in the community that he grew up in.

The programs start at 6:30 pm and run to 8:30 pm-9:00 pm, depending on the conversation. Please feel free to drop in at any time if you cannot make the start time.

About the Open House Series

The Bedford Police Department is happy to speak out on the success of its ongoing “Open House Series” that has been presented on the last Wednesday of every month since the end of May.

The Series has introduced members of the Bedford Community to their Police Officers while engaging in conversations with residents about some aspects of policing in Bedford. Officers have made small presentations during the monthly get together on Internet and Phone Scams, What to do in Public Health Emergencies, Use of Force in the 21st Century, and Constitutional and Criminal Law. These were interspersed with conversations often about various topics not related to the subject matter, creating a great conversation about our relationship to the community.

After all the presentations there is an informal question and answer period that answered numerous questions from those in attendance. Those questions have also given Officers a new perspective on how the people of Bedford see and perceive their Police Department.

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