Will Santa See Naughty or Nice Weather this Year?

December 24, 2014

By Peter Collins Brown, The Bedford Citizen’s Meteorologist

Vintage Santa (c) Pinterest
Vintage Santa (c) Pinterest

It’s hard to believe that we are in the midst of another holiday season. That also means that Old Man Winter is gearing up for another round of cold, snowy weather. As we all know here in Bedford, the holiday season can bring anything from sunny, mild weather to all-out sub-zero, blizzard conditions. However, there is no one who is more in-tune with the weather this time of year than Santa Claus. Will Santa have to deal with “naughty” snow or rain as he makes his yearly trip to Bedford, or will he have to deal with “nice” flying conditions for himself and his eight, tiny reindeer?

It’s safe to say that Santa will probably be seeing “naughty” weather conditions on his approach to the homes of Bedford’s children this year. Looks like Santa is going to have to bring his red raincoat and umbrella with him this year. It’s going to be raining cats and dogs, or more appropriately, elves and reindeer this year! Although many of you may like the idea of a white Christmas and fear that Santa won’t come to a place without snow, there’s no need to worry! Some of you might remember the polar vortex from last winter. This is an area of very cold air that usually stays way up near the North Pole. Last year, it moved quite a bit and came all the way down to Bedford. This stream of cold air sure gave Santa a good push down to us. The polar vortex, however, this year seems to be stuck near Santa’s house. This is perfect for him and his reindeer, though. It will give Rudolph a great chance to get into the holiday spirit and prepare him for his trip around the globe. Santa and his reindeer will start their trip in the coldest of places. Remember, Santa visits a lot of places with different weather and he has to bring a lot of clothes with him as he visits children not only here in Bedford but also places like Australia and South Africa where it’s summer now. No matter what the weather will be, Rudolph always gets Santa to the homes of children all over the world; he will certainly be making his way to Bedford Christmas Eve night!

Now, everyone wants to know exactly what the weather will be on Christmas Eve. This is usually something only Santa himself knows for certain. But, it looks like Santa is going to have a wet and windy flight down from the North Pole to Bedford. Santa will be dealing with temperatures that Bedford doesn’t usually see at Christmastime. He’ll be flying through lots of rain and wind when he gets to us. Santa and his reindeer will be touching down on your roof with temperatures in the 50’s. Not the best temperature for Christmas, but it will definitely give Santa a break from the extreme cold in other areas of our world. So, boys and girls, you won’t need to worry about bad weather troubling Santa. He’s got it “in the bag”. Presents, too, of course! So please make sure you’re in bed early! It will be wet and nasty out so leave plenty of milk and cookies for Santa and his reindeer. Remember, although the weather will be naughty, there’s one way to stay on Santa’s nice list – be fast asleep and don’t try to sneak a peek of him or his reindeer. As long as you remember this, Santa will surely make it down your chimney – whether there’s nice or naughty weather! Happy Holidays to everyone!

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