NSTAR Fundraiser to Benefit Bedford Elementary Schools Together (BEST)


Submitted by  Bedford Elementary Schools Together (BEST)

BEST is sponsoring a Spring Fundraiser at both Davis and Lane in collaboration with the NSTAR Change a Light Change the World program. Energy efficient light bulbs and power strips will be for sale, and 100% of the profit goes back to the schools.

There will be an enrichment program as a kick it off in each of the schools to teach how conserving energy can help the planet. It is expected to be a ton of fun with a light show, music, and prizes. The program will also educate students on energy-saving light bulbs and energy conservation, and will also provide the students with an overview of the fundraising program, as well as explain the benefits of saving energy and how the money earned can benefit our schools. The students are then encouraged to spread the word on energy conservation and sell the energy-efficient light bulbs provided by NSTAR.

The program will take place at Lane School on the morning of April 22, and at Davis School on the morning of April 26.

Students will be provided with order forms for various energy efficient light bulbs and a Smart Strip.  NSTAR prices these products comparably to MSRP so this is a WIN for you, your students, and our schools.

This fundraiser will run through May 8; order forms are due at the school on May 9.

All checks should be made payable to BEST/PTO. Product delivery will be the first week of June at each school – more details to follow for pick up instructions. PLEASE support this wonderful opportunity!


If your child attends Davis School, please contact Daisy Girifalco at (339) 223-3099 or [email protected]

If your child attends Lane School, please contact Becky Ricci at (781) 275-7635 or [email protected]


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