Bedford’s Dandelions: A Military Family Reflection

This is a portion of the weekly Superintendent’s Update by Cliff Chuang mailed to Bedford Public School community on Friday, April 26. Please find this week’s full issue of Superintendent’s Update and back issues at

Bedford’s Dandelions: Our Town’s Unique Opportunity to Reinforce the Roots, Stems, and Seeds of our Military Affiliated Students

By Kim Howell

When they say it takes a village to raise a child, they’re not kidding. As the “Momandant” (i.e., Mom + Commandant; highest-ranking member) of my active-duty Coast Guard family, I’ve been blessed with villages all around the country and world who have helped shape my kids into the people they are today.

In the military world, the dandelion symbolizes the journey of the military child. When I first heard this, I was a little taken aback that a pesky weed that people put real time and energy into removing from their yards was supposed to represent all that my children have experienced in their lives.

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However, once I looked a bit deeper and understood the three primary dandelion components: the roots, the stems, and the seeds, the dandelion analogy made perfect sense to me. I want to share the experiences of my Dandelions, and the role that Bedford played in their journeys, to highlight the unique opportunity our community has to impact military-affiliated students at Bedford High.


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