Blake Block: A Bedford Story

By Kim Siebert MacPhail

Bedford Common is visible from the dining area in one of the new Blake Block condos

While it is not the policy of The Bedford Citizen to promote any single point of view or commercial venture, the decades-long story of the Sheldon Block/Blake Block renewal and reconstruction has come to mean something far more to many residents than just another a piece of real estate. Considerable time, effort and sweat— not to mention money—have produced the building we now see before us as we have watched the Block being transformed, sometimes quickly, sometimes unimaginably slowly.

So, it is with a sense of community pride and requited anticipation that we report today that the Blake Block is open for business. One unit—the largest of five 2-bedroom condominiums—is already occupied, and the first public open house, hosted by realtor Keller-Williams, is scheduled for this Sunday, November 4, from 12 noon to 2 pm, when Unit 7C, with 12 windows overlooking the Bedford Common, will be available for viewing.

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Photographs of the original Blake Block, its demolition and the new structure are shown on The Citizen’s main page.

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