Letter to the Editor: Supporting Mark Siegenthaler

By Ben Thomas

With a choice to be made in the upcoming vote for Selectmen, I have used this opportunity to consider my expectations, my observations, and their qualifications. One expectation is that both individually, and as a group, the Selectmen show determination to provide the best outcome for the Town. Another is that they listen to all input and work together, with the rest of town government and the residents, to achieve to achieve these favorable outcomes. I expect them to listen, comprehend, formulate, and lead.

My observations have been built over the last eight years of attending almost every Selectmen’s meeting. I do not expect to agree with all their decisions, but want to see real effort in achieving consensus and progress. I have observed them agree, disagree, and form consensus. This applies to the lesser impact items as well as to the more pressing concerns that our town has faced. It is through these meetings that I have also come to appreciate the value that experience in town government can bring to bear on effectively achieving results.

Combining my expectations and observations, I have come to the conclusion that I will support Mark Siegenthaler and Ed Pierce for the two positions.  I have found them to be reasonable, knowing when to gather information and when to take action. They have shown that they know how to achieve the needed results for the Town. I have never doubted that they are sincere and dedicated in their efforts for the best interests for the Town and its residents.  I’ll be voting for Ed and Mark in the upcoming election.

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