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Basic contact information

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Answers to The Citizen’s candidate questions

What inspires you to continue volunteering in your current role, and how do you plan to keep your outlook fresh? I look forward to serving Bedford in this new capacity and am anxious to learn and assume the associated responsibilities of  this position on the Regional School Committee.

What challenges do you anticipate in your coming term? I believe the excellent educational and vocational programs of Shawsheen Tech have been underappreciated and underutilized by Bedford families over the years. Therefore, I seek to generate more awareness of and interest in these opportunities, in both parents and students, to assure that all  Bedford students maximize their educational experiences.

Final campaign statement

My name is Nancy S. Asbedian and I am a write-in candidate for the Regional School Committee for Shawsheen Technical High School. I am asking for your vote on March 9.

As a long-time resident of Bedford and parent of Bedford High School graduates, I have found minimal support for vocational education in our Town over the years, not only from educators but also among residents.  I would like to help increase that support with information and advocacy.

Our school system serves the majority of students well, equipping them with the academic programs and support system for success in college and beyond. But every student may not have the interest or desire to attend college, at least not initially.

Shawsheen Tech provides options to these students.  Success in a trade could lead to an eventual interest in college.  As the student learns and grows, the door is open for either or both career paths.

The twenty skill trades offered at the Tech vary from automotive to culinary arts to masonry and more. Students have choices for advanced preparatory courses for college as well as training for full vocational employment upon graduation.  Two-thirds of graduates attend four-year colleges, two-year colleges, or other post-graduate training programs.  But the skills they acquire remain with them wherever their career paths take them and can provide security in life.

I would like the opportunity to help promote awareness of vocational education for Bedford students.

Please vote for me for Regional School Committee by writing in Nancy S. Asbedian, and my address, 16 Lido Lane, in the available space.  Thank you.


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