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What inspires you to continue volunteering in your current role, and how do you plan to keep your outlook fresh? Bedford has lots of residents who volunteer their time, whether serving in town government or on the boards and committees of organizations, charities and nonprofit activities.  We all volunteer to help with activities we know and care about, in ways that use our skills and experience to benefit everyone.  I have many years of experience on town boards and in my professional life, in the areas of planning, housing, local government and community development.  I enjoy this work and look forward to continuing to help my board colleagues examine the issues and projects that come before the Planning Board.

Planning Board members and the town’s planning staff regularly review activities in towns around us, reports and proposals from state and regional planning agencies and hear from residents and development professional at our meetings.  This keeps us informed about current practices and new approaches to the issues we face in Bedford.

What challenges do you anticipate in your coming term? Ongoing redevelopment efforts, large and small, will pose challenges for the Planning Board in the coming year.  The government auction of land for development adjacent to Hanscom Field, ongoing retail redevelopment on Great Road, and continued improvements and development projects in the Middlesex Turnpike/Crosby Drive area will require careful review and negotiation with project sponsors.

We also face a continuing need for alternative housing styles, sizes and types to better serve current and incoming residents.

Dealing with these issues requires a balancing of the physical impacts of any specific project, the financial benefits that may result for the town, and the services residents receive from the new businesses or activities.  We have a strong array of town plans and strategies to measure against.  Our Comprehensive Plan, two Great Road market and streetscape studies, and strategies to address housing, bicycle and pedestrian needs, all identify how Bedford’s residents envision the future.  We can use them to ensure that Bedford’s stated goals are reflected to the greatest extent possible, in the projects we approve.

Final campaign statement

I would like to continue as a member of the Planning Board.  I have served our town for many years – as a Selectmen, on housing committees, previously on the Planning Board, and in other roles.  I have a strong record of representing the Town’s interests and contributing to positive and productive actions by town boards and committees.  This opportunity allows me to continue to apply my skills and experience on your behalf.  I appreciate your past support and would appreciate your vote on election day.




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