Bedford Announces New Partnership for Glass Recycling

Submitted by the Town of Bedford

Bedford Public Works announces a new recycling partnership with 2M Ressources, a Canadian glass recycler with operations in Hopedale. The DPW says that this collaboration “not only advances sustainability efforts, but also delivers substantial cost savings for taxpayers.”

Residents are encouraged by the DPW to participate by bringing their glass bottles and jars to the Compost & Recycling Center at 108 Carlisle Rd. The site is open to residents on both Wednesdays and Saturdays (8 a.m. to 1 p.m.). By joining forces with 2M Ressources, Bedford anticipates saving more than $100 per ton over current single-stream recycling rates, providing a tangible economic benefit to the community and lightening the financial burden on taxpayers.

This strategic decision highlights what the DPW says is “Bedford’s commitment to environmental stewardship and fiscal responsibility. By opting for source-separated drop-off collection at the Recycling Center, residents can help minimize costs and maximize the quality of recycled glass, thereby optimizing downstream recycling processes and enhancing savings for taxpayers. If transporting your recyclable glass is not feasible, please continue to use the curbside single-stream recycling program for this material.”

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What’s Accepted? 

Glass bottles and jars of any color. This includes jelly jars, wine and beer bottles, pickle jars, mason jars, and other glass containers. Remove all non-glass components such as wine corks and metal lids or bands. No ceramics, porcelain or Pyrex. 

What’s Changing? 

The DPW will no longer accept window glass, mirror glass or plate glass as these melt at a much higher temperature than bottles and jars, creating imperfections in the fiberglass and reducing the value of the material. 

How Does It Work? 

Collected glass will be transported by DPW Staff to 2M Ressources’ Hopedale facility periodically, where it will be transformed into raw material for manufacturing fiberglass. This fiberglass can be utilized in various applications, including home insulation, automobiles, and shower surrounds.

The DPW says that in addition to the “significant economic benefits, this partnership underscores Bedford’s dedication to community engagement and sustainability. By encouraging active participation in recycling efforts, Bedford is empowering residents to contribute to a greener, more financially sound community for generations to come.

“Through this innovative cost-saving initiative, Bedford sets a precedent for municipalities seeking effective solutions to environmental challenges, demonstrating the power of public-private partnerships in achieving meaningful change.”

For more information on glass recycling and other recycling initiatives in Bedford, residents can visit the Town’s official website or contact the Trash & Recycling Administrator directly at 781-275-7605, ext. 4261 or by email. Learn more about 2M Ressources by visiting their website,

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az mrl
May 9, 2024 8:30 am

How will mirror glass, plate glass and window glass be handled? How does the DPW drop off differ than glass that we can leave at the end of our driveway?

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