Bedford Public Schools Black Excellence Series: Vintz Desert, Class of 2013

This is a portion of the weekly Superintendent’s Update by Cliff Chuang mailed to Bedford Public School community on Friday, March 22. Please find this week’s full issue of Superintendent’s Update and back issues at

Note: This is part of an ongoing series of pieces highlighting the stories of BPS alums, taking us into and out of Black History Month in February, highlighted on this BPS Black Excellence Site put together by Lisa Morrison, JGMS STEM teacher.

Vintz Desert, Class of 2013

Hi, I’m Vintz! I have had an interesting career so far. I ended up joining the Marine Corps right after high school and was sent to San Diego. During my time there, I took online classes. In 2021 after leaving the military with an honorable discharge and relocating to DC, I earned my bachelor’s in Business Administration. It took me those 6 years to realize that I should have followed my dream of becoming a musician.

Now I write and perform acoustic pop and indie folk songs. I have played in stadiums in front of thousands and landed on official Apple Music and Spotify playlists. I currently have a home studio where I produce songs for other people and release music regularly.

My number one piece of advice is to trust your gut and develop a team of people that you can ask for solid advice and trust. It’s always okay to get feedback. As thankful as I am for my experience, I wish I had found my way sooner. I believe if I had a team of people I could talk to it would have helped me realize my dream of becoming a musician earlier in life. Also, don’t be afraid to make mistakes! I’ve screwed up all sorts of things in my life and I’m doing really well right now. Give yourself some grace! It’s hard enough just staying alive these days.

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