25 BHS Students Advance to State History Day Finals

March 19, 2024
Bianca Tiwari and Roza Shaikh project “The Chinese Cultural Revolution & The Uyghurs: A Turning Point Towards Genocide for the Uyghur Muslims Living in Xinjiang.” Photo by Gil Galman

“The students did an incredible job and their hard work and perseverance paid off.”

That assessment by Bedford High School social studies teacher Patrick Culhane, faculty advisor to the National History Day program, is an understatement.

Sixteen projects presented by 25 BHS students advanced to the state level following results from the recent regional competition at Leicester Middle School.

Culhane offered a more dramatic perspective: “We were competing for 28 slots across the different project types to advance to the state finals, and Bedford earned 16 of those slots, or 57 percent of the total.”

The National History Day state competition is scheduled for Saturday, April 6, at Winchester High School.

At Leicester, Culhane said, Bedford entries also earned three honorable mentions and a special award for Best Project in Civil Rights History. Thirty-five BHS students submitted 23 projects. 

Advancing to the state contest are:

  • Bianca Tiwari and Roza Shaikh, “The Chinese Cultural Revolution and the Uyghurs: A Turning Point Towards Genocide for the Uyghur Muslims Living in Xinjiang.”
  • Iris Lin, “From Glory to Ruin: The Fall of the Western Roman Empire and Its Enduring Impact on Civilization.”
  • Kyra Doherty and Chloe Borella, “Discovery of Anesthesia – Paving the Way for a Painless and Life-Saving Surgical World.”
  • Richard Zaloom and Jagger Porth, “The Tet Offensive: A Turning Point in the Vietnam War.”
  • Hannah Messinger and Helen Canciello, “Romanticism: A Turning Point Toward Individual Expression in Society.”
  • Shreyes Shivappa, Simon Bendersky, and Thomas Lundgren, “The 1949 Geneva Conventions: Turning Towards Humanity During War.”
  • Eleanor Sweetland, “The Invention and Development of Radar: A Turning Point in World War II and Technological History.”
  • Madeleine Ota and Emily Wang, “Charles William Eliot: A Turning Point in Post-Secondary Education.”
  • Swetha Kaundinya, “Oil in Saudi Arabia: A Complex Turning Point in the Power of the Saudi Royal Family.”
  • Dillon Denny-Brown, “A Race to the Moon: An American Victory in a Time of Tragedy.”
  • Vivian Liu, “Governmental Push for Smallpox Vaccination: A Life-Saving Turning Point in Global Health During a Time of Controversy and Devastation.”
  • Amelie Kelly, “From Concept to Checkout: How the Barcode Overcame Technological and Social Issues to Become a Turning Point in Grocery Store Scale.”  
  • Kai Holland and Brandon Gu, “A Turning Point in History: How JavaScript Created a Digital Future.”
  • Giullia Caico, “The Lexington Ignition: A Turning Point in a Nation’s Destiny Through Powder, Muskets, and Flames.”
  • Charles Bing, “Submarine Cables: A Turning Point in Communication.”
  • Jennifer Noh and Grace Niu, “Yellow Journalism: A Sensational Turning Point in Public Perception During a Time of National Crisis.”
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