Praying Mantis Goes Shopping at Chip-in Farm

September 27, 2023
This praying mantis decided to hunt for insect meals at the Chip-in Farm today. Courtesy photo by Adele Purvis

Adele Purvis shares this photo of a praying mantis who made a visit to the Chip-in Farm in Bedford today, perhaps shopping for insects to eat.

According to, praying mantises are “beneficial insects that play important roles in maintaining the balance of ecosystems. They are not only important predators but also play a role in the food webs of many ecosystems, serving as both predator and prey.”

One of the insects they love to eat are ticks, which there are plenty of in Bedford thanks to the abundance of rain we’ve had this summer.

The Praying Mantis is a “master of disguise.” Ehrlich says, “One of the most fascinating aspects of praying mantises has to be the many ways the different species camouflage themselves from their prey. Species that live on the ground floor tend to be spotted brown while species that live in trees are most often green and leaf-like.”

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There is also a more symbolic and spiritual view of praying mantises. According to, “Overwhelmingly in most cultures, the mantis is a symbol of stillness. As such, she is an ambassador from the animal kingdom giving testimony to the benefits of meditation, and calming our minds. An appearance from the mantis is a message to be still, go within, meditate, get quiet and reach a place of calm.”

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