Time To Go After Garlic Mustard Again

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A pretty (and invasive) bouquet of garlic mustard – Image (c) Caroline Larson, 2018 all rights reserved – Click to view a larger image

Garlic Mustard is in bloom, probably in YOUR yard –  and now is the time to pull it out!    This invasive weed is rapidly overtaking woodland areas, beside roadways and along pathways.

Editor’s Note: Community-wide ‘Garlic Pulls’ are underway in several nearby communities this week

A non-native plant, it crowds out other native varieties that we cherish, such as woodland lady slippers, trillium, trout lily and it even competes with tree seedlings which will become our future forests.   Garlic Mustard also produces chemicals in the soil which eventually kill native plants.

Some species of butterflies lay their larvae on the Garlic Mustard and the larvae never hatch.  Each flower bud produces hundreds of tiny seeds but if you pull it out before the blossom dries, you can stop the invasion.

Here is my back lot last year.  I pulled all these out and put them in a plastic bag (not the compost) and put them in the trash.   And this year I just pulled a few plants in 2 minutes.

Pulling Garlic Mustard is probably the EASIEST weeding you will EVER do.   Especially when the soil is moist, it comes up SO easily.  Kids can do it!  I keep a garbage bag in my car and stop at roadside spots where it is spreading.  It is pleasant to see that there are so few in those locations the next year.

Be sure to save a few blossoms and take a bouquet to your neighbors, letting them know what it looks like and how easy it is to eradicate.

Help control this nasty weed and prevent it from competing with our native species and reducing butterfly populations.

For more information check out this site https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sl1HFFr89Ao

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