Celebrating The Bedford Citizen’s Volunteers

~ Submitted by The Bedford Citizen’s Co-presidents Joan Bowen and Ginni Spencer

As The Bedford Citizen nears is celebration of ten years of publication, we pause during National Volunteer Month to express appreciation to those who have contributed their time and talents as reporters or photographers, special project organizers, board, and committee members during our first ten years of community-supported news for Bedford.

The Board thanks the following people who have offered their skills and time.  In different ways, the gifts they have contributed are significant factors in helping to grow the concept of our founders into The Bedford Citizen we know today.

A partial list of The Bedford Citizen’s volunteers:

Madeleine Altman, Carol Amick, Nancy Asbedian, Sue Baldauf, Bob Bass, Lisa Baylis, Christine Bennett, Dot Bergin, Josh Blackman, Jennifer Boles, Joan Bowen, Dan Brosgol, Laura Bullock, Andrea Cleghorn, Nancy Daugherty, Bob Dorer, Ryan Doucette, Lauren Dorn-Jones, Suzi Enos, Mitch Evans, Ruth Greenberg, and Prakhar Gupta.

Signe Hansen, Susanne Harrison, Jeff Hoyland, Elizabeth Hacala, Laurel Holland, Gene Kalb, John LaFerriere, Caroline Larson, Stu Liss, Amy Lloyd, Meighan Matthews, Mike McAllister, Meredith McCulloch, Emily Mitchell, Teri Morrow, Doug Muder, Jennifer Naylor, Elizabeth Nemirovsky, Lily Nemirovsky, Mike Nosal, Hannah O’Connor, Jon O’Connor, Tara O’Loughlin, Dave Packer, Ginny Packer, Sarita Pillai, Debra Parkhurst, Linda Pollitz, Jeannette Pothier, Helen Pulizzi, Lois Pulliam, Barb Purchia, and Elise Purchia.

Lalitha Ranganath, Mike Rosenberg*, Walter St. Onge, Brooke Shamon, Jan Shepard, Kim Siebert, Christine Speciale*, Ginni Spencer, Virginia Steel, Robin Steele, Maureen Sullivan, Sue Swanson, Julie McCay Turner*, Colin Valentine, Jordon Vinh, Lee Vorderer, Meg Weston, Linda White, Jerry Wolf, and Melissa Zorn.

* Began as a volunteer before joining The Citizen’s staff

If you are interested in volunteering to be part of The Bedford Citizen, please let us know of your interest by contacting [email protected].  We will get in touch with you to explore what you may be interested in contributing and where we have opportunities.

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