Letter to the Editor: Regarding Shelia Mehta-Green, Candidate for School Committee

~ Submitted by Keith Colbath

Dear community members, it is with great honor that I write this letter in support of Sheila Mehta-Green, Ph.D. for our School Committee.  As a lifelong resident of Bedford, growing up here and now as a parent raising my four children here, it would be an honor to have Sheila as a member of the school committee.

I currently have children in Davis, JGMS and out-of-district. The advocacy work that Sheila has led, in collaboration with families, teachers and administrators for the last 12 years, has had an extremely positive impact on my children.  I first met Sheila when our oldest children were in the same integrated preschool.  During that first year, Sheila became an active and involved member of the school community; identifying opportunities for improvement and working together with parents, teachers, administrators and families to impact change.  Twelve years later, the advocacy and contributions Sheila made to the Davis community are still being felt by the current students and families.

There is a diverse group of learners in our town – some require support in social environments, others thrive in social environment, some need curriculum broken down and tailored to meet their learning challenges, others may need more challenging and engaging work.  It is often difficult to have all of these voices represented in our School Committee.  However, Sheila has a special ability to listen all perspectives, respecting all opinions.

One of Sheila’s greatest strengths is her ability to listen and lead.  She actively listens, then works collaboratively with all viewpoints and articulates a clear path forward, with transparency and commitment to the end goal.  She makes everyone feel valued and heard.  She takes challenges head on and leads with passion.  These strengths most recently benefited our school community with her contributions to the District Committee for School Reopening, JGMS Committee for School Reopening and JGMS Principal Search Committee.  These three committees required hours of time invested in working with a variety of stakeholders, including the parents, teachers and administrators.  The School Reopening Committees worked tirelessly through ever changing state and educational directives and reopened our schools in an effective manner with a comprehensive, thoughtful and laid out plan.

I invite you to join me in voting for Sheila Mehta Green, PhD on March 12th as the next member of our School Committee.  More information about Sheila’s platform, past contributions and future goals can be found at sheilaforbedford.org.

[Editor’s note: Mehta-Green’s PhD is in Sociology]

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