Letter to the Editor: Regarding Shawn Hanegan, Candidate for Select Board

~ Submitted by Chris  Gittins

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Shawn Hanegan for over a decade and have had the privilege of working with him for the past year as a member of the Planning Board.   I’ll be pleased to cast one of my Select Board votes for him at Town Election on March 12th.

Shawn exemplifies good government and effective leadership.  He takes the time to become knowledgeable on the issues which come before him.  He applies lessons learned from past experience to inform current decisions.  He’s a leader who sees projects through to completion.  He collaborates effectively and makes sure that all voices are heard.  He doesn’t just listen to people who come to him, but takes the initiative to reach out to people who might not otherwise engage.  He treats everyone with dignity and respect.  He understands that successful public service is built on a foundation of trust within the community.  Accordingly, he is open about his views, the actions he takes, and his reasoning behind them.   In summary, he is deeply committed to serving the public good.  That shines through in all that he does.

Please join me in voting for Shawn Hanegan for Select Board.

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