Letter to the Editor: Regarding Dan Carroll, Candidate for Select Board

~ Submitted by Mark McInnis

Please join me in voting for Dan Carroll (select board) on March 12. In doing so, you will support a proven leader with a passion for listening and giving to others.

Some leaders are willing to listen. Dan has a deeply-rooted desire to listen. He wants to understand everyone including those who are often overlooked. Many years ago at BHS he was one of the few upperclassmen who welcomed and befriended first year students (of whom I was one).

He maintains this quality today as a husband, father, neighbor, and executive. To prepare for candidacy, he arranged meetings with town employees, committee members (past/present), candidates, business owners, and hundreds of residents. It’s not all head-nodding for Dan. He will meet people he disagrees with, give honest feedback, and maintain productive communication.

Dan is my child’s soccer coach. His pattern of giving to others is well displayed through coaching where he exceeds the job requirements. If practice is canceled due to rain (happens way too often) he hosts soccer in his backyard. Need a ride? He’ll do it. If your child has a bad day on the field, he will make a spirit-boosting phone call after the game.

Dan’s love for listening and giving to others indicates that he will approach the job with humility. He is more interested in serving the people of Bedford than imposing his ideals through town governance. I don’t believe he will ban, cancel, mandate, and rename. I believe he will build, create, and maintain Bedford’s friendly small town qualities.

Bedford has been Dan’s home since 1976. The Carrolls – a family of eleven children – needed a community that was affordable and safe. Grateful that they found it in Bedford, Dan is now focused on affordability and low taxes. His work experience will help. As the COO of a company with 150 employees, he knows how to make difficult financial decisions.

I have known Dan for 35 years. The only time I can remember him putting personal interests ahead of others was when he devoured the Lord family pumpkin pie in the middle of the night on Thanksgiving eve, 1995. I trust Dan to do what is best for Bedford – always.

While I would not ask him to safeguard my baked goods, I enthusiastically support him to protect the best interest of Bedford residents. I hope you will do the same.

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Julie-Ann Oates Burdge
March 11, 2022 5:41 pm

First off, I am by far not a political person, but after reading and listening, many posts on Facebook with regards to this upcoming Town election I too am putting my two cents in. I am a third generation in this town, and with that said, I agree we do need change. What we have been working with for years just is not working. Now while years and years of experience and Phd and long titles after one’s name, look good on paper, the truth is, having the ability to listen, truly listen to the people of a town and what they have to say and what is needed to build Bedford BETTER TOGETHER. I have known Dan Carroll through his siblings, whom I attended Bedford school with, but I truly was impressed 5 years ago when he was my youngest sons (he is 10 now) soccer coach. My son has Autism and I wanted him to play sports and tried soccer. He had trouble understanding and wasn’t keeping up with the other kids. Dan would put my son on his shoulders , run the practices, and help him feel included. He didn’t have to, but he wanted him to feel like he was part of the team. That shows how much he cares about people, and that is what this town needs now: a Town Select Board who listens. The other important vote out there is for the School Committee, and I had many questions to ask, and I spoke with 2 of the new candidates running. My main concern is the lack of support with literacy programs in Bedford. The town supports one, that being Fountas & Pinnell, which is a program that is not a good fit with our challenged readers. We need to have a School Committee that will fight for other literacy programs that teach, support, and prepare our youngest readers for the future. I have 4 children ranging from the age of 31 to 10, and all have gone through Bedford schools. What is very concerning for me is that over the past 7 years, my youngest has been attending Bedford schools, which includes preschool. He has been on an IEP the whole time. He is currently in 5th grade and has had outside testing as well as IEP testing. he is a child who reads at the level of a 2nd/3rd grader. I know there are many other families with a similar situation as mine. What upsets me with the other candidates running are they speak only speak of supporting Pro LGBTQ+, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, which I totally agree with, but nothing is being said about supporting Literacy programs for our children’s future. This needs change, and I believe Kelly Kelly Casey Horton n is what we need to initiate change. She has the passion and drive to do so. I was blown away when I spoke with Kelly Horton; she listened, understood, and agreed with many of my concerns. Kelly and I talked for about an hour, and she listened to my worries and while she told me she couldn’t promise she could implement all the issues, she heard and agreed there is concern with our current literacy programs used in our schools. I want to say to the people of this town, please go out and vote for change this Satuday, March 12th
Vote for Dan Carroll for Town Select Board and Kelly Horton for School Committee and be part of making Bedford BETTER TOGETHER. Carroll Select Board Candidate Kelly Kelly Casey Horton on for School Committee.

Linda Pollitz
March 5, 2022 7:36 am

Shawn Hanegan has my vote

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