Letter to the Editor: Regarding Sheila Mehta-Green, Candidate for School Committee 

~ Submitted by Jenn Bouchard  

I am writing this letter–with great enthusiasm–in support of Sheila Mehta-Green’s candidacy for the Bedford School Committee.

 As a career educator, I know the importance of a dedicated and thoughtful school committee member with relevant and extensive experience. I have been teaching high school social studies in the Boston and Chicago areas for the past twenty-two years. During this time, the partnership and support of school committee members has meant that I get the professional development I need to grow as a teacher, and my students get the resources and opportunities they need to learn, interact, and thrive. If given the opportunity, Sheila will be an excellent partner to students, families, and teachers in the Bedford Public Schools.

As the parent of a BHS and a Lane student, Sheila’s advocacy and involvement in the schools has impacted my children, their classmates, and their teachers in so many positive ways. Her work on the reopening task forces ensured that our students and educators were supported and setup to be successful given challenging circumstances. Sheila worked with administrators and volunteers to guarantee that JGMS eighth graders had a meaningful and memorable Moving On event. She is organized, motivated, and energetic, a great listener, and rallies parents and caregivers to contribute in big and small ways to do what is best for our kids and teachers. She drives participation at all levels, from fundraising, to coordinating field trip and event chaperones, to school programming. Finally, Sheila is a voice for all. She has done so much to raise awareness of Special Education needs and the importance of opportunities for students of all backgrounds and differences. We have all benefitted from Sheila’s work as a volunteer and leader in Bedford, and with your votes, we will have the advantage of her continued service on the School Committee.

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Peggy Lundgren
March 4, 2022 1:46 pm

Couldn’t agree more! Sheila is an amazing and caring individual who is strategic, a team player and somehow manages to get it all done!

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