What Are You Looking For? You May Find it in the 2nd Annual Rotary Scavenger Hunt

 ~ Submitted by Christine Pinney

Some friendly competition?   Getting your heart racing?   A game to show off your sly wit and creativity?

The 2nd Annual Rotary Scavenger Hunt is set for Saturday, November 20, 2021, from 1-3 PM EST. Teams will find local attractions, solve riddles, earn points in their town; wherever they may be.

It’s time for you and your team to show them what you got, literally. The Bedford Rotary will email you the list of items to seek about a half-hour beforehand, tell you the points that are associated with each, and as quickly and safely as you can, you’ll take photos and videos of you and your team completing challenges.

You’ll have two hours on November 20, from 1-3 PM EST, to accumulate points and laughs, and be in the running for prizes.

Highlights from the 1st annual Scavenger Hunt

President-Elect Dawn Kociubes hunted last year on her family team the FirePokers, said “We liked the Rotary Scavenger Hunt because we got to see all sorts of fun things in our town. We were so surprised by how many signs were blue and how many different colored doors people had.”

Invite your family and friends to compete too! They can be part of your team in your car of up to 6 people or they can join as their own team and you can wage a little friendly competition.

And since you don’t have to be in Bedford, you can join the fun wherever you are. The Rotary will live stream the opening, and then you’ll be off and running searching for things and completing challenges. Whether you’re in California or the Cape, Westborough or Washington, the Rotary Scavenger Hunt is just what you’ve been looking for.

You won’t need binoculars to discover that it’s all for good causes that The Bedford Rotary Foundation supports. It will benefit local endeavors such as RYLA and scholarships and international projects, such as a solar project for an orphanage.

Sign up before 9 am EST, Saturday, November 20. Tickets are $25 per team.

 Click here to register or get more information.

Learn more about the Rotary Club of Bedford ~ www.bedfordmarotary.org

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